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Now accepting 2024-25 program year applications!

We are confident that Home Academy is the ideal choice for your child’s education. Our commitment to providing a nurturing and innovative learning environment, along with our focus on personalized instruction, project-based learning, and a strong sense of community, sets us apart. We invite you to fill out an application and schedule a tour of our school to experience the Home Academy difference firsthand. Thank you for considering Home Academy in Maine as the educational choice for your child.

We are now accepting enrollment for 2024-25 with limited availability!

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Enrollment Process

Step 1: Submit the enrollment form above
Step 2: Schedule an interview
Step 3: In person shadow day

Step 4: Decision


Full-time rates:
Kindergarten through 4th Grade – $13,500
-10 Installments Monthly Payment: $1,250
5th through 8th Grade – $14,500
-10 Installments Monthly Payment: $1,350
5% discount if paid in full

Part-time rates:
K thru 4th grade $5,400 a year and 5th thru 8th grade $5,800 a year. 
K thru 4th grade monthly $440 and 5th thru 8th grade monthly $480
$1,000 deposit upon initial enrollment – applied as a credit to your annual or monthly payment